Medical Treatments

Each therapy uses a particular wavelength to target problem areas. The treatments have fantastic results for a number of skin conditions including rosacea, pigmentation, acne, broken blood vessels, red and blue facial veins, fine lines and wrinkles

Photorejuvenation Treatment

Photorejuvenation is a broad term used to describe the treatment of photo ageing including wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots. The skin can be damaged due to a number of reasons including over exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, chemicals in soaps and shampoos and due to genetic predispositions.

The SkinBase™ IPL treatment will help to:

– Reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines

– Treat sun damage, age spots brown pigmentation and solar lentigines

– Improve overall skin tone

– Give the skin a smoother appearance

 For photorejuvenation treatments, a course of 3-6 treatments, 2-3 weeks apart is recommended.


Scarring caused by acne is very different to any other scar as it is caused by a defecit of collagen in the particular area. After the acne has subsided, the skin needs collagen to heal and if the skin underlying the subsided acne doesn’t have any, this can lead to ‘ice pick scars’.

The SkinBase™ IPL medical treatment for acne not only targets the acne to prevent future outbreaks but floods the area with collagen in order for the skin to be able to heal itself properly, preventing scars and helping to reduce the appearance of existing ones.

We recommend a course of 3-4 treatments at 2-3 week intervals for best results. The treatment is pain free.


As we age, the connective tissue and collagen in our face becomes less supportive and we start to lose the ‘plumpness’ or elasticity we once had.

Our skin begins to age at 25, although most people will not see any noticeable changes until into their 30s. The SkinBase™ IPL treatment helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by flooding the area with collagen, plumping the skin and smoothing out existing wrinkles. The extra collagen will also help the skin regain some of its youthful glow.

Vascular Lesions (including thread veins)

Thread veins are often seen on the face, cheeks and nose. They can be caused by excessive exposure to UV rays although some people are simply more susceptible to them and they can even be present from childhood. IPL therapy treats thread veins by emitting wavelengths of light that are filtered to target the haemoglobin in the thread veins or broken capillaries. The treatment causes the vein to break down over a number of days until it has disappeared.

For this treatment, as little as 1-3 sessions are usually needed with a 2-3 week interval

Treatments are done by a female practitioner and are available in Welwyn Garden City. Parking is available.