Azzalure injection treatments are one of our most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatment for reducing lines and wrinkles.

The most popular wrinkle reducing injections treatment areas are:

Glabella – Frown lines

The Glabella is the area between your brows. Over time, some may find that there is a deep line that becomes quite prominent.

Forehead – horizontal line

Likewise, the forehead is an area that we tend to get both expressive and static lines. The use of botulinum toxin relaxes the area to stop over-expression.

Crows’ Feet – Corner of the eye.

Bunny Lines – Top of the nose

Bunny lines are mostly evident when smiling. They form on the bridge of the nose, near the tear duct of the eye.

Brow – Lifting of the brow area

Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles we use to frown, lifting the weight that we naturally want to push down.

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