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It is no longer necessary to go under the knife to achieve the nose you want. Modern techniques with dermal fillers are changing the lives of hundreds of men and women across the globe.

Filler can’t make a big nose smaller; nor can they refine a bulbous nasal tip. If the nose needs to be reduced in size or there are large deviations then surgery is the only option.

However minor deviations can often be camouflaged, humps can be reduced or camouflaged. Nostrils can be reduced in size, the tip can be shaped and rotated upwards. Even though filler is injected into the nose it often makes a nose appear smaller as it becomes more symmetrical.

What fillers really do for the nose is camouflage. So, for a dorsal hump, filling on either side of the hump can improve the look of the nose. A crooked nose that’s c-shaped — concave on one side — should look better after the injector fills the concave side. And, while one can’t really refine the nasal tip because fillers have mass, injectors can use fillers to slightly elevate the nasal tip.

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